Welcome to Coffee House Araku

best coffee in ANDHRA PRADESH

The Coffee show will be an opportunity to experience the Coffee Journey Ethiopia to Araku Valley – Seed to cup. It is first of its kind thematic coffee art gallery in India tracking the history of world coffee, the legends, cultural practices from the traditional to high technology, coffee research and development, coffee and health, Ecology and sustainability and other interesting facts of the coffee world.

This coffee art gallery tells you how the small red coffee fruit has through time, nurtured, harvested, processed, roasted and transformed into an aromatic and refreshing beverage that delights millions, and world over. This gallery also for screening video films on coffee.

Coffee Powders

Coffee Powders for home brewing

Coffee beverages

Hot and Cold Coffee (Traditiojnal South Indian Filter Coffee , Itali8an Espresso Coffee, Capuchino , Mocha and Etc..,)

Coffee Chocolates

Araku Valley home made coffee Chocolates are hand made chocolates, made from the finest quality, fresh and natural ingredients and fillings, Coffee Flavour Candy Floss.

Coffee Time – Food Court(100% veg)

Pastries, Muffins, Browneys Fruit Bars, Puffs, Sweet & Salt Cockies, Popcorn with different flavours Pizza & Burger and Grilled Sandwitch, Tribal Ethinic Foods (Rajma , Ragul, Nava Dhanya and etc.)

Coffee accessories

Coffee brewing equipment, Coffee mugs & etc.,

Souvenir shop

(Aaraku Aadiwasi Arts & Crafts)

Treasure of Tribal Folklore – Sweet Memories of Araku Valley

Tribal Ornaments , Music Instruments, Forest Products (Honey, Shikakay, Amla & Soap-nut Powders and etc,.) Wooden , Bamboo, Lacware, Roughtrion, Dokara , Jute, Sisal, Terra-cotta and etc.